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Finally! Now busy couples can grow their marriage without leaving their home.

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Webinar Host Marcel Sanchez

Marcel has been enthusiastically married to his wife Yami for more than twenty-nine years. He has two adult children, Luke and Savanah. Marcel serves as an Author, Learning Consultant, and Executive Pastor. He serves churches and organizations in the areas of marriage enrichment, spiritual formation, and employee training.

Marcel is the founder of the Marriage Catalyst Online Course and the Matrimonio Por Diseño Curso Digital.

Marcel is the author of Walking with Jesus, Andando Con Jesús, Life in the Vineyard, Vida en La Viña, Marriage Catalyst, Matrimonio Por Diseño, Tenacious Discipleship, and Discipulado Tenaz. He has published business courses such as Corporate Alignment Training, Creating an Environment for Effective Leadership Development, Time Maximization, Tenacious Character, and Sales Catalyst.

Marcel founded and to help businesses, churches, and teams connect their people, train more leaders, and synchronize their operations.


Growing your marriage should be only second to growing your relationship with God. It should be on the list of top priorities for your life. If your marriage is suffering, rest assured, every part of your life will suffer as well. Now is the time to invest in your marriage. 
Now more than ever you need to focus on growing your marriage and establishing a vision for what could be and should be. When you grow your marriage, the capacity to influence family, friends, business relationships, co-workers, and even complete strangers, multiplies.  

     Ready or not your marriage will face hard times. You can’t track them on your radar and know the precise time of their arrival. But you can prepare by building a strong foundation to keep your marriage standing when unexpected struggles arrive. Is your marriage ready for the storms of life? If not, the time to get ready is now! You can’t have a healthy marriage without making significant investments of time, energy, and resources.

How will this online course benefit your marriage?

     If you want to make a difference within your marriage and leave a strong legacy for future generations, grow your marriage. We truly believe the Marriage Catalyst Online Course will help you laugh a little more, increase your knowledge of God’s Word, and provide a strong foundation for your marriage to thrive. It will help you make the right changes within your marriage to position your relationship for growth. You and your spouse will walk away with practical action steps to build a thriving marriage and take your relationship to the next level. 

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